How to create a Metamask Wallet

1. First press the button below if you are on a laptop, or if you're on a phone go to your app store and download "Metamask"

2. After pressing “Get started”, tap “Create a new wallet”

3. Now you will create a password for your wallet

4. Next you will be granted access to your Secret Recovery Phrase which is a collection of twelve random words. Your Secret Recovery Phrase is the most important piece of information for your digital wallet.

5. Write your Secret Recovery Phrase down on a piece of paper. Do not store it on your computer and make sure you always know where your Secret Recovery Phrase is saved.

6. Click on the box that says “View”. Write down your Secret Recovery Phrase

7. After writing down your Secret Recovery Phrase, tap the words in the order they appeared and press “Continue”

8. Finally click on the top of your page "Account 1" to copy your wallet address and enter it into our "Claim your NFT" section on our QR code, then we will go ahead and send you your NFT.


Download Metamask